Power & Heat

Wankel diesel engines as part of small and powerful auxiliary power units

The BHS ( Battery Charging and Heating System ) is a retrofit system for diesel locomotives. It acts as a power generator to charge the batteries and supply the electrical power grid. The resulting thermal energy is used to maintain/ keep a corresponding thermal level of the main diesel engine.


Built for high performance use in small installation spaces

Our engines allow mechanical power from 15 kW - 90 kW. With an overall height of less than 50 cm. This makes them ideal for generator sets and the upgrading of auxiliary power units, auxiliary power generators and power generators. On land and on water.

Hydrogen engines

Hydrogen combustion engines as reasonable alternative to fuel cells

By further developing our hydrogen engines, we achieve sustainability in two senses. Co2 neutral fuel is converted into energy. In contrast to the fuel cell, no precious metals are required. Our engines are made exclusively of steel and aluminum. This reduces the risk of supply bottlenecks and has a smaller environmental footprint.

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