Welcome to Wankel SuperTec GmbH. We are a leading developer and manufacturer of modern, multifuel rotary engines, headquartered in Cottbus, Germany.


Wankel SuperTec was established in 2002 as spin-off from the Technical University of the German State of Brandenburg – BTU – in Cottbus.

Its founder, the then-president of BTU, Prof. Dr. Ernst Sigmund, had teamed up with Mr. Dankward Eiermann, the long-time chief engineer of Felix Wankel, the inventor of the rotary engine, to develop new solutions for some crucial aspects of the rotary engine, such as sealings, fuel injection and ignition.

With Prof. Sigmund’s deep understanding of physics and Mr. Eiermann’s 40 years of experience in developing rotary engines, Wankel SuperTec developed two series of completely new, multi-fuel rotary engines.

Today, Wankel SuperTec focuses on continuously improving and commercializing these engines.