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Hydrogen engines for hybrid drive systems

Hybrid drive systems combine the advantages of different technologies to create an optimum synergy. Integrating hydrogen engines into hybrid drive systems creates a powerful duo. Our H2 engines can be used in combination with an electric motor or battery to improve efficiency and range. This enables flexible and versatile use in different vehicle types and applications.

At key points, we see our Wankel engines as having a clear advantage over the fuel cell.

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No rare materials

Our H2 engines require only aluminum, steel and plastic. This reduces procurement and transport costs.
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Easy maintenance

Our H2 engines can be maintained and overhauled by semi-skilled personnel.
This reduces long-term costs and is resource-saving.
Revision of fuel cells is almost impossible & there are hardly any suppliers for this worldwide.

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H2 engines are insensitive to impure hydrogen and can be used worldwide without any problems.
The service life of fuel cells depends heavily on the purity of the H2. This is not guaranteed worldwide.
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H2 engines are significantly cheaper to purchase, maintain and operate than fuel cells. This allows a higher profit margin, satisfied customers and the development of international markets.


When diesel is used, fuel injection takes place via a high-pressure commonrail in the expansion area, ignition by spark plugs.

When hydrogen is used, fuel injection takes place in the relative cold compression area with an injection pressure of approx. 10 bar. This reliably prevents unwanted premature ignition of the air-fuel mixture and allows the hydrogen contained in the pressure tank to be used almost completely, even without additional compression. Less expensive hydrogen of lower purity can also be used.

six good reasons to invest

1. Profitability has already been achieved

We have already had a positive, operating business result since 2021.
We can therefore fully utilize your investments for the further development of our engines and the expansion of our production.
Our existing sales already finance our running costs and allow us to invest in production and development on a small scale.

Your investment will allow us to massively accelerate our development and production build-up. This enables us to take a good position in the (still) very dynamic mobility sector.

2. Sustainability and environmental protection

Hybrid drive systems are a significant step toward zero-emission transportation solutions. By investing in companies that develop these technologies, we are actively contributing to reducing CO2 emissions and helping to protect our planet.

3. Regulatory trends

Governments around the world are implementing increasingly stringent regulations to reduce emissions. Companies developing hybrid drive systems are ideally positioned to benefit from these regulatory trends. By investing, you can not only drive the development of environmentally friendly technologies, but also benefit from government incentives and subsidies.

4. Market demand

Demand for hybrid vehicles is growing steadily as consumers increasingly opt for environmentally friendly transportation solutions. Investing in companies that develop hybrid drive systems allows you to benefit from this growing market and achieve a sustainable return.

5. Technological development

Continuous research and development are crucial to further improving the efficiency and performance of hybrid drive systems. Through your investment, you support us in further technological development and innovation in this field. Together we can shape the mobility of tomorrow!

6. Competitive advantage

Companies that invest in hybrid drive systems at an early stage have the opportunity to become pioneers in this industry. By investing in us, you benefit from our technical expertise and help build a sustainable competitive advantage.
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