Sustainability is one of our central themes in the development of engines, energy generation and drive concepts.

In doing so, we are pursuing several paths.

Range Extender Dual Fuel Car Electric generator

Hydrogen Wankel Engine

Green Combustion

By further developing our hydrogen engines, we achieve sustainability in two senses. Co2 neutral fuel is converted into energy. In contrast to the fuel cell, no precious metals are required. Our engines are made exclusively of steel and aluminum. This reduces the risk of supply bottlenecks and has a smaller environmental footprint.

Range Extender Wankel engine rotary hydrogen fuel dual sustainability

Range Extender

Drive system of the future

Starting with our hydrogen engine, we develop climate-friendly drive concepts for land, air and water. Our range extender concept is always used, adapted for the specific application.


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Hydrogen refueling stations

Climate-neutral infrastructure

In order to actively promote the energy transition, we will participate in the expansion of the hydrogen infrastructure. To this end, we are selling complete hydrogen supply systems and equipment for hydrogen filling stations. We work closely with partners in Germany and China. This enables us to ensure quality, service and reliability.

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