Power and heat for German Railroad locomotives. Since 2015.

More than 9 years ago we received an order from DB Cargo AG to develop an auxiliary power unit for a certain series of locomotives. The task of the aggregate is to generate power and heat when the main engine has to rest. During long idle times in stations, for example.
A classic "auxiliary power unit" in other words.

The challenges were:

Little space, a lot of power and diesel as fuel.

Our customer had already determined that this task could not be realized with conventional reciprocating engines due to the small installation space. That's why we came into play. Our Wankel engines are much smaller and lighter than conventional diesel engines with the same power output. In addition, we are the only company in the world to offer marketable Wankel diesel engines. Thanks to years of research and development.

8 years later, we have delivered almost 80 systems to equip more locomotives.

We would also like to say "thank you" to DB Cargo. Thank you for your trust and loyalty.

So-called Auxiliary Power Units are often also found in aircraft, tanks and boats.

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