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Energy of the future must be emission-free and sustainable. This bright and ambitious goal underlies our vision at Wankel Supertec GmbH (WST). For more than 15 years, we have been developing and manufacturing state-of-the-art rotary engines that can run on a wide variety of fuels, including hydrogen.

Well over 100 million vehicles are manufactured every year. In order to achieve the environmental goals set by the Paris Agreement, the energy supply of transport must be switched to renewable energy sources. We at WST make sustainable mobility a reality by developing modern climate-neutral Wankel engines for use with hydrogen.

Both as a range extender in an electric vehicle and as a direct power unit for planes or vessels, our hydrogen-powered engines are in many ways superior to alternative concepts. Imagine an electric car that can travel over a thousand kilometers without charging stops lasting several hours! And this with almost pure water as the only "emission" product. The hydrogen Wankel engine developed by WST is a key technology with which this sci-fi image can become a reality.

However, the application of our engines is not limited to the automotive industry only. Thanks to their design, they are smaller, lighter and have lower vibration level than conventional reciprocating motors with identical performance.

Besides, Wankel engines consist of fewer parts, which results in increased reliability and lower production costs. Therefore, our rotary engines find application wherever a small, light but very powerful energy source is needed: from the light aircrafts sector through combined heat-power-units to the marine industry.

WST combines an existing, profitable and growing business of conventional multi-fuel Wankel engines with excellent growth opportunities by the use of hydrogen as an energy source of the future.

In order to use the enormous market potential of hydrogen power in the coming age of sustainable energy supply, we would like to raise additional money through crowdfunding. Be there now and participate in the success of our company with small or large amounts. Support us on our way to sustainable power and mobility! Investing in Wankel Supertec means investing in a better future.