Rotary Engines related Services

The Research and Development Compartment of Wankel SuperTec is divided into two different areas of expertises.

Main part is the R&D of the rotary engines (Wankel-engines):

  • Fundamental research
  • Combustion development
  • Entire engine development
  • Engine design
  • Single component development
  • Engine control

The second area covers customer-specific development of electrical systems:

  • Electric machines
  • Electric machine control
  • Power electronics
  • Hybrid power trains

Our services does not only conclude the developing of our products untiil the point of small production lines. Further more, we are also providing our customers with a support, based on the highest technical level. This support concludes:

  • Maintenance
  • Repairs
  • Overhauls and product Support
  • Spares supply
  • Project- and application consultings
  • Technical assistence in detailed issues
  • Training of qualified staff

We are in posession of an exquisit know-how, collected in over 60 years of research, development and production of Wankel engines. The ownership of many patents, licences and rights as well as the personnell and technological resources we have, make the Wankel SuperTec a strong actor on the energy market.

Furthermore, our network gives us the possibility to create a permanent and unmediated, on the highest level of efficiency, contact between our company and our clients. That gives us the opportunity to react flexible and shortwhile to the wishes of our customers.