Applications of WST Wankel Engines

WST engines designed after well-known Wankel principle, serve as a drive train for various aggregates, machines, as well as for vehicles. They are capable to run on Diesel, Jet Fuel, Gasoline, alternative fuels, but also on gaseous fuels and on Hydrogen. Our multi-fuel Wankel engines find their application wherever compact and light power units are required.

Above: WST range extender prototype

Wankel Engines as Dual Fuel Range Extenders

The WST H2 Wankel engines have the potential of becoming a disruptive technology for sustainable mobility, where they can be applied as dual-fuel range extenders for electric vehicles. With these, a vehicle can be operated directly by electricity, by Hydrogen or by gasoline if needed.

Key advantages of WST Range Extenders

Over pure battery cars:

  • Allows reduction of battery size & costs
  • No rare materials needed
  • No dependency on charging stations, no long charging stops, no use of conventional electricity

Over fuel cell cars:

  • Does not depend on supply of Hydrogen
  • No rare materials needed
  • Easy & cheap to produce and repair
  • Long life-time

Over conventional engines & range extenders:

  • Pollution-free if run on hydrogen
  • Small, light, low vibrations


Wankel Engines as powertrains for light aircrafts & drones

Our rotary engines proved to be an exceptionally suitable solution in the light aircrafts sector where their compact design, low vibration level along with excellent power-to-weight ratio can make a decisive difference.

Whether as a direct power unit or as a part of a hybrid system, the WST rotary engines guarantee smooth and reliable operation with no significant contribution to the overall weight of a plane.

A successful long-term cooperation with two Scandinavian aircraft manufacturers results in further technological developments of our motors to serve the needs of small aviation.

The main advantages of WST rotary engines for light aircrafts & drones are:

  • Excelent power-to-weight ratio
  • Durability & Reliability
  • Wide power range
  • Can effectively run on emission-free fuels
  • Immune to catastrophic failure
  • Small frontal area allowing a more aerodynamic nose to be designed around the engine

Wankel Engines for auxiliary power generation units

Compact design along with high power-to-weight ratio of our Wankel engines make them a perfect solution for auxiliary power generation units.

Due to the vibration-free smooth operation of the WST Wankel engines we can save on costly vibration dampfers and sound insulation and still have lower noise emissions than competitors. Compared to available solutions with similar noise emissions, our rotary engines enable up to 50% of weight reduction.

Our systems run on a wide variety of liquid and gaseous fuels, such as Diesel, Kerosene, Petrol, hydrogen and biogas. Thus they can be operated in crisis regions, where neither an uninterrupted supply of a certain fuel no the quality of the fuel can be guaranteed.

The main advantages of WST rotary engines for compact power generation units are:

  • Multifuel capability: run on Diesel, Kerosene, Petrol and Biogas
  • Constant Speed
  • VSCF-Systems
  • Very low noise emissions: 65dB (measured in 7m distance)
  • Parallel mains operation
  • Isolated application

Wankel Engines as outboard marine power units

The Marine Sector, where economical and safety factors play a huge role, has high restrictions for the applied technologies, especially in commercial use.

Performance, reliability and cost-effectiveness are the most common requirements for outboard marine power units, regardless whether in charter, commercial, police or military use. Besides, size and weight of the drive system are other important factors to be reckoned with.

Rotary engines by Wankel SuperTec flawlessly meet these strict requirements, which makes them a perfect solution as outboard marine power units.

The main advantages of WST Wankel engines for marine applications are:

  • Multifuel capability: run on Diesel, Jetfuel & Petrol
  • 25HP & 50HP Version
  • Excelent power-to-weight ratio
  • Durability & Reliability
  • Electronical controlled Ignition
  • High-Pressure Injection
  • Electrical starter
  • Alternator

Wankel Engines as Battery Charging and Heating Systems for diesel locomotives

The BHS (Battery Charging and Heating System) is a retrofit system for diesel locomotives. It acts as a power generator to charge the batteries and supply the electrical power grid. The resulting thermal energy is used to maintain a corresponding thermal level of the main diesel engine.

This system minimizes the fuel consumption, noise and exhaust emissions at a standstill of the locomotive. The system also preheats the engine after a long standstill to the minimum temperature required for starting, or keeps the operating temperature at stops upright. The heat output can be increased by additional electrical heating cartridges.

Central features of WST rotary engines for BHS are:

  • 15kW electrical power
  • 32kW thermal power
  • Compact design
  • Retrofit system
  • Excelent power to weight ratio
  • Ease of maintenance due to very good accessibility