Small and robust diesel engines for use in critical situations.
Range Extender Dual Fuel Car Electric generator


Generator Sets

The compact design of our engines allows us to build generator systems of exceptionally small size and weight.

Another significant advantage is the low-vibration and smooth running of our rotary engines. This provides greater comfort for the user and also allows the overall systems to be manufactured in a lighter design than when using conventional diesel engines.

Our systems run on a variety of liquid and gaseous fuels such as diesel, kerosene, gasoline, hydrogen and biogas. This means they can be operated in crisis areas where neither a stable supply of a particular fuel nor the quality of the fuel can be guaranteed.

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Range Extender & Powertrain

Drones & Light Aircraft

Thanks to their compact design, low vibration level and excellent power density, our rotary piston engines are a perfect solution as propulsion systems for light aircraft and drones. As part of a hybrid system, our Wankel engines guarantee smooth and reliable operation without contributing significantly to the overall weight of the aircraft.

The main advantages of our Wankel engines for light aircraft and drones are:

  • Excellent power density
  • Durability and reliability
  • Wide power range
  • Can effectively run on zero-emission fuels
  • Better protected against catastrophic failure
  • Small face area
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