Hydrogen or synthetic diesel?

How can security of supply be guaranteed? Hydrogen or synthetic diesel? And what technologies already exist for sustainable energy supply?

This question was discussed over two days in Bonn. This September, we were invited by the Studiengesellschaft der Deutschen Gesellschaft für Wehrtechnik mbH to present our Wankel engines.

Why Wankel engines?

Wankel engines are able to convert hydrogen into controlled energy in addition to the fuel cell. (Without the use of rare earths).
In addition, our engines can run on synthetic fuels. A unique selling point of the engines manufactured by us is that they can run on diesel (and also synthetic diesel).

The current situation shows that security of supply, be it in industry but also in defense, is elementary. So we will continue to optimize our hydrogen engines and work on synthetic fuel operation.

For us, this is the future. Hydrogen AND synthetic fuels.

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